Flower Friday: Mountain Mint #Flowers #Herbs #FlowerFriday

I discovered Flower Friday while visiting Lorilin@Bugbugbooks and decided to start sharing some flower pictures from our gardens along with some information about them. Please check out Lorilin’s blog if you haven’t already for book reviews and more!

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Mountain Mint


We’re sort of obsessed with mint and have about seven different varieties growing. The township that we live in actually has a strong mint farming history which sort of inspired me to start a mint collection. Mountain mint is one I chose because of its compact and noninvasive growth. It’s also super cheap to start from seed.


This grows around the outside of my vegetable garden. It only gets a few feet tall and hasn’t taken over like some of our other mints. It requires little to no care.


We started this from seed about three years ago and it comes back every year. The flowers are a very light pink and bloom late July to early August; in fact, these pictures above were taken a little late. Early on as the petals develop they’re much more attractive.

Image source: Flickr

This is a very mild mint that’s perfect for tea and the bees just love it.

Image source: nps.gov

Scientific name: Pycnanthemum
Family: Lamiaceae
Higher classification: Nepetoideae
Tribe: Mentheae
Zones: 4-8
Native to North America

Thanks for checking out Flower Friday! What are you growing this year? Let’s chat in the comment’s section!

33 thoughts on “Flower Friday: Mountain Mint #Flowers #Herbs #FlowerFriday

    1. starjustin

      Grandma had a garden of mint when we were growing up. It was where the lilac tree grew in the corner by the street at the old house. She would bring a bunch in and out them on the back porch table.
      Thx for the good memories. Great post! 🌺


  1. We bought our house two years ago this coming May, and only really had the time to keep the maintenance up on what was already going on. This spring we’re clearing things out and starting anew. I’m going to need to find a local nursery though and ask a lot of questions. 🙂 My husband is allergic to bees so I can only go so wild with the flowers. D:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my, I can totally understand why you have to be careful with bringing in more bees then! This might not be a good choice then. There aren’t many flowers I know of that don’t attract bees. I hope you can find something though. I know my marigolds and zinnias dont seem to be flooded with them. Also the roses. Hope that helps! Good luck ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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