Flower Friday: More Hibiscus (including rose of Sharon) plus Mystery Flower: Oak Leaf Hydrangea? #FlowerFriday #Hibiscus #Hydrangea #Perennials

I discovered Flower Friday while visiting Lorilin@Bugbugbooks and decided to begin sharing some flower pictures from our gardens along with some information about them. Please check out Lorilin’s blog if you haven’t already for book reviews and more!

Last time I shared Hibiscus (non-tropical). Here are other 2019 shares:

Today’s share:

More Hibiscus (non-tropical)


On an outing with the kids yesterday, I came across some interesting Hibiscus, including these two rose of Sharon types…


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What am I reading this week? #Reading #AmReading #BookLovers

Because I’m not reviewing very much right now, I thought I’d do another post highlighting what I’m reading this week.


Last week I finished Depravity by M.J. Haag and shared my review on Friday. I enjoyed the book (despite some niggles) and went right on to book two in the series titled Deceit. I DNFed the second book about half way through and won’t be finishing the trilogy. It became too weird for me. I normally don’t DNF books, but I just couldn’t handle this one. I liked that the characters were developing more and the beast was more understood, but the details were too much for me. I’m not going to tear the book apart though, and I didn’t rate it because I didn’t totally finish it.


I’ve decided to finally read Where’d You Go, Bernadette, which is now a movie releasing on Friday. I bought the book from Barnes and Noble and will be starting it today.


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A Bookish Jigsaw Puzzle: “Unicorn Reading” #Puzzle #Unicorn #Bookish #MudPuppy #UnicornReading

“Unicorn Reading” – a 500 piece bookish jigsaw puzzle

One of my favorite hobbies is assembling jigsaw puzzles. I found this one at Barnes and Noble and fell in love with the artwork. This puzzle is manufactured by Mudpuppy which is a high quality brand, in my opinion. The pieces are thick, colorful, and strong.


The puzzle features a unicorn reading who’s surrounded by books! If you look closely you can read some of the silly book titles which include: Lion, Witch, and Closets, Dan’s with Dragon by Jorge R.R. Martin, and The Name of the Breeze by Patrick Rothfuzz.

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Music Monday: Jamey Johnson “In Color” #MusicMonday #JameyJohnson #InColor

Music Monday-

This meme was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. You pick a song that you really like and share it on Monday.

Last week I shared:

Whiskey Myers “Broken Window Serenade

This week’s share:

Jamey Johnson

“In Color”

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