Book Review: The Christmas Tree Keeper by Tamara Passey #Christmas #BookReview #20booksforChristmas

The Christmas Tree Keeper

by Tamara Passey


My thoughts:

Did I ever fall in love with this sweet, Christmas story!

Angela is a single mom with an 8-year-old daughter named Caroline. Todd, her ex-husband, left years ago. She’s now living in Sutton, Massachusetts with no money, job, or much support at all. She hates that her daughter should ever have to worry about how the bills are going to get paid. Angela truly needs to catch a break and just wants her daughter to have a happy Christmas.

When visiting a local Christmas tree farm, Papa Shafer, the owner, tells Caroline that the trees they sell are miracle trees, but only if you believe. Caroline is fascinated and can’t wait to get their tree home, whereas Angela is afraid she’ll get her hope’s up only to be let down.

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Book Review: Christmas with a Cowboy (Longhorn Canyon #5) by Carolyn Brown #20BooksForChristmas #BookReview #Christmas #Romance

Christmas with a Cowboy (Longhorn Canyon #5)

by Carolyn Brown


My thoughts:

Maverick travels to Ireland with his grandmother and ends up meeting a girl named Bridget that he practically falls in love with at first sight. They get together for an evening of romance but part ways as Maverick must head back to his ranch home in Texas.

Little does Maverick know, Bridget has a connection to his family and winds up in Texas a year later where they meet again, right in his grandmother’s house. This time, Bridget has a baby with her (Laela), and Maverick is determined not to let this chance at love pass him up again. The question is: can Maverick settle down and leave his party-life behind?

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Reading Challenge: 20 Books for Christmas #ReadingChallenge #Christmas #20booksforChristmas @littlejojackson

I originally found this Christmas reading challenge @CarlaLovestoRead, and then again @SusanLovesBooks. The challenge is being hosted by TeaandCakefortheSoul.

Why not join in? I love reading Christmas books and never seem to get as many Christmas reads in that I’d like to during the season. Although you don’t have to read strictly Christmas reads, it’s what I’ve chosen to do.


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12 Days of Christmas Blogging Challenge – Your Christmas Dinner Menu & Decorations – Silver and Gold or Red and Green?

I came across this wonderful 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge over at Abbey’s blog threecatsandagirl.  It was originally introduced by abbeycoseattle when she presented it earlier this month. As soon as I saw this, I knew that it would be so much fun. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to share some Christmas cheer on my blog. I’d like to say thanks to both of these wonderful ladies!



  • Link back to Abbey’s original post here so that way she can see who all is joining and she can follow along.
  • Link back to any one of my posts in the challenge so that way I can follow along too
  • Save the image and join in for the fun!

12 Days of Christmas

Christmas is upon us and I still have 3 days to post on the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. For days 10 & 11, I’m going to talk about #10 Decorations – silver and gold, or red and green, and also #11 Your Christmas Dinner Menu.


#10 – Decorations – silver & gold, or red & green?

I started thinking about this question a few days ago. I realized that our Christmas decorations are pretty much every color under the sun, and yesterday, I shared some of our decorations. I’ve included a link for you here.

I don’t feel like we’ve never gone with a color theme, but we do have more red and green decorations than silver and gold. I truly love decorating with traditional Christmas colors like blue, red, green, gold, and even purple. Gold hasn’t been a favorite, but when I see decorations like these in the following pictures, I want to switch it all up and go with silver and gold forever. These are stunning to me…





I’d love to have a tree like this one below next year. What do you think? I love the way they incorporated the blue ornaments.


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