Chris Cornell 1964-2017 | Soundgarden “Live To Rise”

One year ago today, the music world received the sad and shocking news that Chris Cornell had passed away.


In memory of one of my favorite musicians of all-time, I’ve been sharing Chris’s music throughout the month of May for Music Mondays. In addition, today I’d like to share a song Chris wrote from the Avengers Assemble album, which includes songs from Marvel’sĀ The Avengers movie (2012). This album marked Soundgarden’s return with their first song in 15 years.

My family and I were at the drive-in when the song played during the closing credits of the movie. It was a breathtaking moment for me especially. I’ve loved the song ever since, but never really thought much about the meaning of the lyrics. The song adapts well with the movie and it’s not like I knew Chris personally or what he was going through, but it seems like he was on his own spiritual journey during this time, possibly even back when he was writing some of the earlier Audioslave songs. Everyone interprets songs differently, but to me, this one is fairly clear-cut.


“Live To Rise”

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